Install from the Google Play store

Search for "Twingate" in the App Store or go to

The minimum version we support at this time is Android 8 (Oreo).

Set your Twingate Network

Open the Twingate app and enter the name of your Twingate Network.

Authenticate with your Identity Provider

Simply tap the "Connect" button to connect to your Twingate network.

  • The Twingate app will open a new browser window to authenticate you with your identity provider. Use your existing login credentials. If you are already authenticated, you will usually not need to log in again.
  • The browser window will then close and the Twingate client will show that it is now online.

At this point you can close the Twingate app and leave it connected. It will not affect your regular internet browsing and only intercept network traffic for private Resources.

Updated 6 months ago


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