Connector Health Checks

When debugging, it can be useful to know if the Connector service is in a healthy state. The Connector offers an internal health check for this purpose.


Important Note

The health check will only return unhealthy if the Connector service is not running correctly. It does not check if network connectivity has been established to Twingate's Relay.


The health check will return OK and exit with status code 0 if completed successfully. Any other response or error with a nonzero exit code means the health check failed.

Running a Health Check

Deployed as systemd service
Run twingate-connectorctl health to run a health check.

Deployed via Docker
The health check is built into the container image and will be visible under Status when running docker ps. More detail can be found by running docker inspect --format "{{json .State.Health }}" <container name>, replacing <container name> with the ID of the container.

Deployed as a container not via Docker
Some container orchestration services, such as AWS ECS, natively support Docker image health check definitions and no additional configuration is required. Otherwise, you can execute the command connectorctl health inside the container to do a health check.


If you'd like to take automated actions based on the result of the health check, you can do so by overriding the Dockerfile HEALTHCHECK in our Container image, or by using your orchestration service's equivalent.

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