Deploying the Connector

  1. Now that you've prepared your network to deploy the Connector, go to the Twingate Admin Console and add a new Remote Network.
  1. Once the network is created, go to the Remote Network's page and add a new Connector, then select Deploy Connector.

Then click Deploy Connector to start the deployment process.

  1. Enter the relevant information from Azure into the deployment workflow.
  1. This will create a pre-filled Azure command line, which you can copy.
  1. Paste this command into the Azure CLI and execute it. It can take several minutes to run.
  1. Once the command has completed, you should see the Connector running as a Container instance.
  1. If deployment has succeeded, the status will show as green in the Admin Console. If both Controller and Relay status are not shown as green, please follow the troubleshooting instructions in the deployment workflow screen.

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