Download & Installation

Downloading and installing Twingate is easy. Simply point your browser to the link below, and the Twingate client for your device will download automatically:

We currently support:

On setup, users simply need to enter the name of your organization. This is the same as the subdomain for your account under For example, if you administer Twingate at, users will enter acme as the organization name in the client. This only needs to be done the first time you use the client.

The Twingate client does not require any special permissions, but we do set up a local VPN connection to in order to intercept traffic to your private Resources. More information can be found in our Endpoint Requirements article.

If you or your users need more help, see the sidebar for specific setup instructions for each of our supported platforms.

Template email to send to employees

You can use the sample email below to let users know that they can use Twingate to start accessing company resources.


We're excited to let you know that we're moving the company over to a new service
called Twingate that will replace our corporate VPN. Twingate allows you to
access private company resources in a secure way regardless of where you are
connecting from. At the surface, it sounds similar to VPN, but there are some
major benefits for both employees and our company:

- Employees can install Twingate in a simple, self-serve process (see below!).
- The switch to Twingate will not require you to change the configuration of your
device. It works equally well regardless of what application you are using on
your device.
- Unlike VPN, you don't need to choose a network to connect to or switch between
networks. Twingate will automatically connect you to the right destination based
on what you need to access.
- Many of you, especially our remote teams, should notice a speed improvement
compared to our VPN.
- The company's risk to cyberattack will be significantly reduced, which is not
only an ongoing company goal, but positive for the long-term success of our

Getting started is really easy. There are just three steps:

1. Go to to download and install the Twingate client on
your device.
2. Enter "<REPLACE WITH YOUR TWINGATE SUBDOMAIN>" when asked for the organization name.
3. Connect to Twingate.

That's it! You can leave Twingate connected while you work, and as long as
Twingate is connected, you will be able to access company resources just like you
did before.

We will be removing the VPN client from everyone's company devices by the end of
this week, so please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.


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Download & Installation

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