We currently support the Linux distributions below. If you use a different distribution or have feedback, please contact us.

Supported distributions

The Twingate Linux client currently supports the following Linux distributions:

  • Ubunu (18.04 LTS or later)
  • Debian (9 or later)
  • Fedora (33 or later)
  • CentOS (8 or later)
  • Arch Linux

By default, we use notifications for interactive user authentication. If a notification service is not available, the client application will provide instructions for receiving a console-based notification feed.

Usage notes

We recommend that you start the Linux client from a terminal window within a desktop environment so that you can respond to authentication notifications.

Starting Twingate

twingate start

Stopping Twingate

twingate stop

Installation and setup

The following command will download and install Twingate on any supported Linux distribution.

curl | sudo bash

Once installation completes, you need to configure the client by running:

sudo twingate setup

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