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June 1st, 2021

Support for a new authentication flow that no longer prompts the user after successfully authenticating with the identity provider.

Added support for notifications in the xfce4 display manager environment.


May 11th, 2021

Added distribution support for Arch Linux.

Added a new convenience script to install the Linux client across supported distributions.


April 22nd, 2021

Only certain commands now require sudo for improved application security.

The desktop notification service can now be controlled separately via the new desktop-start, desktop-stop, and desktop-restart commands.

Device metadata information is now reported to support Device details information in the Admin console.


March 7th, 2021

Added the command twingate resources to display available Resources for the currently authenticated user.


December 9th, 2020

Minor bugfixes and logging improvements for support.


October 12th, 2020

Added option (disabled by default) to remember authentication credentials on restart of the client application.

Added automatic crash reporting (user consent is required at installation time).


July 6th, 2020

Initial release.

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Linux Release Notes

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