macOS/iOS Release Notes


Managed macOS deployments

If you are using MDM software to deploy the Twingate macOS Client, please see our documentation for managed macOS deployments.

Release notes

Releases for iOS and macOS are done simultaneously and may be available on the relevant Apple App Store on slightly different dates. Any differences in functionality between the two apps are noted in the relevant release note, below.


Release Date



May 30th, 2021

Support for a new authentication flow that no longer prompts the user after successfully authenticating with the identity provider.


April 27th, 2021

[macOS only] Support for device detail reporting.

[macOS only] Resolved an issue where the Twingate client would open multiple browser tabs for authentication.


April 22nd, 2021

[iOS only] Support for device detail reporting.


March 21st, 2021

Added support for unqualified domain names defined as Resources.

Support for port restrictions on Resources.


March 2nd, 2021

[macOS only] Support for pre-setting the Twingate network name via plist file to support MDM deployments.

Resolved an issue handling chained DNS CNAME resolution.


February 9th, 2021

[macOS only] Support for "Start at login" functionality, configurable by the end user.

We have made a number of adjustments to our transport protocol, resulting in performance improvements for TCP protocols that send small packets (eg. SSH).

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macOS/iOS Release Notes

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