Set Application and Session Timeouts

Go to the SSO tab and set the Token Timeout settings.

Twingate allows for significantly more granularity than OneLogin in setting the session timeout, or how often users will be asked to reauthenticate when attempting to access a Resource after they've been signed in. The lowest timeout will always be used, so to avoid confusing behavior, we recommend that you set the Access Token timeout to a large value, which will ensure that Twingate's timeout always takes precedence. The Refresh Token timeout is not used for anything, you can leave it blank.

Next, click on the Security top tab, click on the relevant Policy to expand it, and navigate to the Session tab.

The Session timeout by fixed time value will be used to determine if users are asked for a password when they reauthenticate. Since there isn't much point in having them reauthenticate if they won't be asked for a password, we recommend this value be set lower than the lowest session timeout value you have set in Twingate. Please note that this setting is global and will apply to any Applications assigned to the user in question.

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