Deploy the new Connector

First, click on the name of the new Connector, and then click “Provision”.

You will then be presented with a set of options to deploy the Connector. The provided Docker run command is the most versatile and will work on any Linux-based host operating system with Docker installed. For more information on deploying Connectors, see Deploying Connectors in our documentation.

Whichever option you choose, you should provision the Connector on a host that can reach the Resources you want to provide access to via Twingate.

Clicking the “copy” icon at top-right of the text box will copy the displayed command for pasting directly into a terminal command line.

Once you initiate the deployment process on the remote system, verify that it completed without error before continuing to the next step where we will verify that the Connector was able to authenticate itself and connect to Twingate.

When you are ready, click “Cancel” to close the provisioning window.

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Deploy the new Connector

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