Resource Definition

A Resource is defined by two characteristics:

  1. Its address, which can be one of the following:
  • A Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), eg.
  • An FQDN using one or more wildcards, eg. *.host-0?, where * represents 0 or more characters and ? represents exactly 1 character.
  • An IP address, eg.
  • An IP CIDR, eg.
  1. The Remote network you associate the Resource with when configuring it.

Note: the configured address of the Resource is that as resolved from the Connetor(s) in the associated Remote network. See the section on Address Resolution of Resources for more detail.

Note: the Resource must be reachable over the local network from the installed Connector(s) on the Remote network.

Twingate will forward traffic for any UDP or TCP protocol, so ports or protocols are not required when defining a Resource. This means that users can access Resources via their web browser, SSH, VNC or RDP without any special configuration on their devices or at the remote application.

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Resource Definition

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