First-time Configuration

Congratulations! Now that you have successfully activated your Twingate account, it's time to configure your Twingate network to protect and access your private Resources.

Before you start

This guide will walk you through the required steps. The only prerequisite is that you have sufficient permissions to deploy a Docker container on the Remote network you're configuring. Twingate Connectors are deployed as Docker containers behind your firewall, and only require internet egress permissions.

To get started, proceed to the first step: Define a new Remote network. A summary of all steps is shown below.


1. Define a new Remote network
You will create a new Remote network in Twingate within which you will define Resources that users can be given access to.

2. Create and provision a new Connector
Twingate Connectors provide encrypted connectivity into a Remote network. Deploying a Connector allows you to define Resources and authorize users to access them.

3. Create a new Resource
Resources are what users are authorized to access. They are defined in the context of a Remote network.

4. Create a new Group
Groups are used to provide users with access to a set of Resources.

5. Connect to Twingate with the client application
With you Twingate network configured, the Twingate client application allows you to connect to Resources you are authorized to access.

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First-time Configuration

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