Twingate Product Tiers

Twingate is offered in four product tiers, with features differentiated for the intended size of your business or use case. If you need to switch tiers or billing plan, please contact us. The latest pricing information for each tier can be found on our website.

Twingate Starter

Twingate Starter is intended for individuals or very small teams and supports up to 2 users and 2 devices per user.

  • All of Twingate's encrypted private routing technology is available, but connectivity is limited to a single remote network.
  • User-based access limitations are unavailable at this tier,

Twingate Teams

Twingate Teams is built for small teams that need to control access private resources. Teams builds on Starter by allowing up to 50 users and 5 devices per user.

Twingate Business

Twingate Business is designed for businesses with up to 150 users and 5 devices per user. In addition, the Business tier adds the following functionality:

  • Identity provider integration for supported OAuth 2.0 based identity providers.
  • Automatic SCIM-based user synchronization from your configured identity provider to Twingate.
  • RBAC group management to grant defined groups of users access to specific resources, allowing the implementation of least privileged access.

Twingate Enterprise

Twingate Enterprise includes the full set of Twingate functionality and is intended for organizations looking to fully embrace a zero trust network architecture. Enterprise has no user or device limits, and adds the following functionality:

  • An Admin API to allow programmatic deployment and orchestration of your Twingate Network.
  • Device posture functionality with additional device-level checks to ensure that only authorized connections are made to your private resources.
  • Detailed network analytics feeds from every deployed Connector, providing a comprehensive picture of all user, device, and network connection activity.

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Twingate Product Tiers

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