Upgrading Connectors

Twingate Connectors run as Docker containers and require infrequent updates. Upgrading Connectors varies depending on the platform they are deployed on, but the same principles apply in all cases:

  1. Upgrade one Connector at a time in a redundant pair. Because updating a Connector involves bringing it down, to avoid downtime for users, at least two Connectors should be deployed in each Remote network in your Twingate configuration. Multiple Connectors deployed within the same Remote network are automatically clustered for redundancy. When upgrading, update one Connector at a time.

  2. Upgrading a Connector involves pulling the latest Docker image. Regardless of your deployment environment, the upgrade process involves: terminating the running container, pulling the latest Connector Docker image, and instantiating a new container.

Instructions specific to each environment are detailed below.

Linux: Command line / EC2 / VM

The following command can be used to upgrade running Connectors that have been deployed on a host using the Docker CLI. The script automates:

  1. Pulling the latest Connector image (twingate/connector:latest)
  2. Comparing any running containers to the latest image
  3. Stopping any out of date containers, deleting them, and restarting them with the same environment variables and the latest image
curl | bash

Azure Container Instance

You can upgrade any Connectors running as a container instance on Azure with the following CLI command. This will automatically download the latest image.

You will need to replace NAME_OF_THE_CONTAINER_NODE and NAME_OF_RESOURCE_GROUP with values specific to your environment.

az container restart --name NAME_OF_THE_CONTAINER_NODE --resource-group NAME_OF_RESOURCE_GROUP

Manual steps

To manually upgrade a connector using the Docker command line, the following steps will pull the latest Connector image. Note: you will need to reprovision the Connector in the Twingate admin console.

docker ps
# Copy either the container ID or name
docker container rm -f [ container ID or name ]
docker image rm -f twingate/connector

# Obtain a new Docker run command from the Twingate admin console by reprovisioning the connector
docker run ...

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Upgrading Connectors

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