Users are automatically synchronized from your Identity Provider and cannot be modified in the Twingate Admin Console. Any changes to users—for example, creation or deactivation—are received directly from your configured IdP via SCIM and will update Twingate immediately.

When added to Twingate, all users only have access to the "Everyone" group, and unless Resource(s) are added either to the Everyone group, or users are specifically assigned to a Group, users will not have access to any Twingate Resources.

You are only billed for the number of users seats you have paid for, not for the total number of synchronized users.

Admin Users

The user who creates your Twingate network is the only admin user by default. Additional Twingate admin users can be designated in the Admin console. Note that admin users currently have the ability to change all settings in the Admin console, which includes deploying new Connectors and designating additional admin users.

The admin status of any user can be set from the user details view by clicking on their name in the Users tab, selecting "Manage", and then "Grant Admin Privileges".

The new admin user can then log in to the Admin console at https://<your subdomain> using their configured email address and the identity provider or supported social identities for your Twingate network.

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